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A Potentially Failing Follow Through
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From worldwide relief to worldwide deceit, the calming effect of The Paris Agreement has been disturbingly short lived to say the least. Though, The Paris Agreement made countless headlines and filled people all the world over with high hopes and wide smiles, it’s existence is proving somewhat lackluster in current affairs thanks to the dearth of multiple governments taking a heavy hand in making sure their outlined plans are actually being implemented. It’s starting to feel as though The Paris Agreement was all for show and that in itself is a disrespect to every living person and creature as well as those who gave their lives to fight for progress.

Apologies Do Not Help

When representatives joined to hail oaths of their allegiance to The Paris Agreement and asserted that they would make their piece in protecting the welfare of the planet what not many everyday people were aware was that that these pledges are not actually legally binding though they well should be.
Great disappointments are especially being held in America due the purely idiotic and egocentric promise of Donald Trump to completely abolish any slight sense of progress that The Paris Agreement made by ‘cancelling’ the arrangement. With governments like these the world is going to become literally unlivable in no time at all.
The executive director of the International Energy Agency attained to this himself by stating that the policies of each individual government now holds ultimate control of the trajectory of potential allowance for progress. This essentially means that The Paris Agreement is basically in its gross entirety 100 % null and void thanks to the vast ignorance consuming our political ‘leaders.’

Giving Up Hope? 123 Countries Have Already Signed the Ratification

So where do we go from here? Fortunately, the UN is already stepping up to take charge of this devastating blow to all that they worked so hard to achieve. In response to Donald Trump’s disgusting stance against progress and the attempts to regain cleaner, more breathable air, the United Nations put together a conference to make it abundantly clear that they genuinely took the issue of climate change very seriously. Eleven governments, including Japan, Gambia, Finland, Australia, Malaysia, Botswana, Djibouti, Italy, Pakistan, The UK, and Burkina Faso, have even all taken this conference as an all-important opportunity to promise their 100 % allegiance to the cause and their disappointment in those countries who have made point to actively refuse to understand the pertinence of the incredibly dangerous situation.

In all actuality, there’s no telling what’s going to happen. The lot can talk as much as they want about what they’re going to do or not going to do in regards to the climate change and it doesn’t matter much. What matters is the actions that are taken. To say the least we as a people are painfully concerned and literally crossing our fingers that the good will outweigh and sway the negative into switching sides so that we as a whole united front can actively make a positive difference and undo the significant damage that our ancestors have caused through their negligent abuses of our planet that generated the climate change which has occurred and is actively hurting everybody.

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