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In 2015, the UN met to discuss the scary rate of climate change and the high raise of CO2 and its subsequent effects on the planet, together they built bridges with vocal commitments that they all would make the necessary appropriate changes to right the wrongs of our past transgressions.

Climate change has become a severe problem over the past many years, but thanks to The Paris Agreement important strides are being carefully taken to secure the future of sustaining life on Earth. With considerate revisions to bridge between both the dire concerns of cementing safeties for the natural world and by extension all life existing within it as well as the disconcerted faces of companies who have begrudgingly learned to accept the reality of their numerous offenses against the planet, agreements everyone can live with abiding by are helping to secure the well-being of our world.

The Paris Agreement Set Important Goals

With the many amendments in The Paris Agreement such as the decided requirement for all countries to hand over revised plans that outline their part in taking responsibility for bringing the level of CO2 back to its peak levels by the year 2020 and the contract of starting five-year checkups starting in 2023 to canvas the productivity of each country, it is comforting to know that finally everyone is on the same page and making the mandatory advancements to come closer together in the goal of securing a healthy and much cleaner planet to live on.
Thanks to the decisive extent of The Paris Agreement, its amendments, and what it stands for, today we are in the midst of a historical revelation and it is inspiring to see so many different people be able to come together in unity to suspend personal disagreements and make highly impacting strides towards a better tomorrow for our people, our planet, and all else who call it home.

Amendments in Detail

The governments of 195 countries came to the agreement to minimize emissions for keeping the annual temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius. For this purpose, special national climate action plans were passed by every country. Another important step was to decide to meet in the distance of 5 years to control the progresses continuously, set new goals and to document each action transparently. By this kind of strategy, it is the hope that the goals are mandatory for each country and actions will be implemented quickly with success. It was also agreed that the development countries suffering the most under the impacts of climate change must be supported by dealing with the consequences and implementing special warning systems and emergency help strategies.
To achieve all these goals, the necessity was also made clear to include non-governmental parties like private companies, associations and people. Only if everyone knows about his contribution to negative climate impacts, a change is possible.

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