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After the Election of Donald Trump: New Challenges to American Democracy
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We live in an oligarchy with certain democratic principles that work to protect the people of America, but with the inauguration of Donald Trump as our new president we are disenfranchising the people of America and stealing away democratic rights that we hold as important safeties to protect all Americans from abuses and certain neglects. A lot of this is due to the creation of the electoral college which can completely silence mass numbers of voters just because a slightly higher percent of voters in a district favored Trump which resulted in him collecting all the votes from that district.

Wait and See – Or Is It Time to Worry About the Democracy?

That reality has been addressed many times and is sure to cause plenty more problems in the future, but there is just as much genuine fear being raised in the United States purely from Trump’s personal decisions that need to be acknowledged. For starters, Donald Trump is making dangerous decisions in his cabinet. The way he is filling his it favors the elites who are an extremely minute part of the American world yet are still getting all of the protections. These members are not going to work for the people of America and are bound to destroy what small sense of American democracy we have left.

Uncertain Future

Thanks to his cabinet full of representatives that don’t actually represent the people, nor the best interest of progress in America we can be sure to find a nation failing in the area of democratic principle in the near future, in fact, it’s already happening.

Take the bathroom bills for example. If anyone who actually respected human safety and basic rights was in office the prejudiced bill would be on the cutting room floor and our president would be actively trying to protect the trans community. As it is, Trump has vocalized how blind he is to the significant safety issue of such blatant transphobia. By not stepping in to protect the people of America by way of instilling representatives and a president who cares for more than just the elite and the bigots, we are left fearful for the future and the death of democracy that is definite to come thanks to the “leaders” we are forced to let lead our country.

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