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Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on Renewable Energies – How People Gain More Power

Possibly the most empowering fact in our lives is the realization that everyone can make a difference and that’s particularly important in light of the energy crisis. Renewable energies cure the energy crisis by not only causing positive change in our environment, but also in our wallets. A common fallacy of thought is the misconception […]

Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on The Cancer of Ego and Its Consequent Destructive Rise Against Our Planet and Safety

It’s a sad day when people everywhere are more concerned with the money in their pocket than the air that they’re poisoning to achieve such fiscal prowess. Through the years, European countries like Germany and Norway have made great leaps in fortifying a healthier future for their people with the growth of eco-friendly energy sources […]

Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on The American Education System: Pros and Cons

With every schooling systems, there are positives and there are negatives, in the United States one cannot enter a single school without being laced into a very sensitive and uncomfortable debate about why the schooling system causes so much friction. For the student interested in educating their self so that they can make an informed […]

Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on The US Health Care System: Progress and Problems

Let’s face the facts, health care is not affordable in America. If the citizens of our country are too afraid of the cost of a hospital visit and not knowing how in the world they’ll ever be able to pay off a significant debt that will loom over them for the rest of their lives, […]

Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on Learning to Consider Yourself Important Enough to Take Care of in Spite of the Negative Stigma of Mental Illness

Everyone gets a little bit of head fog or stress or some emotional turbulence one time or another. It’s normal to an extent, but it’s important to take consistent symptoms seriously and not be afraid to speak up and get help. In a world afraid to admit any of us have any problems at all […]

Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on Determining Your Worth, Your Path, and Your Success Without Succumbing to the Road Block of Letting Your Wallet Control Your Destiny

Not everyone is afforded the same economic status, but that does not mean that people of lower class should feel discouraged in their right to obtain the same academic opportunities. Higher education is incredibly expensive, so much so that even the potential students whose parents have set aside a college fund since the kid was […]

Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on A United Promise for History in The Making

In 2015, the UN met to discuss the scary rate of climate change and the high raise of CO2 and its subsequent effects on the planet, together they built bridges with vocal commitments that they all would make the necessary appropriate changes to right the wrongs of our past transgressions. Climate change has become a […]

Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on The History of American Immigration

Though the specifics of who and how are up for debate, scientists have agreed that the first settlers were most likely making homes in North America roughly 20,000 years ago, and that these people were the ancestors of the Native American population. During year 1000, Vikings made their way through the lands of North America, […]

Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on A Potentially Failing Follow Through

From worldwide relief to worldwide deceit, the calming effect of The Paris Agreement has been disturbingly short lived to say the least. Though, The Paris Agreement made countless headlines and filled people all the world over with high hopes and wide smiles, it’s existence is proving somewhat lackluster in current affairs thanks to the dearth of […]

Categories: Grievances | Comments Off on The Role of the Forest in the Global Climate Conversation

With global climate change effecting so much, it’s wonderful to see so many people actively trying to make a difference, but people at large are putting their focus in the wrong place instead of pushing for the real problem solver: stricter laws on replanting against deforestation and degradation. Forests can stop climate change and absorb […]