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Renewable Energies – How People Gain More Power
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Possibly the most empowering fact in our lives is the realization that everyone can make a difference and that’s particularly important in light of the energy crisis. Renewable energies cure the energy crisis by not only causing positive change in our environment, but also in our wallets.
A common fallacy of thought is the misconception of “I’m only one person, nothing I do will make a difference” and it’s a widespread paralysis in that it effects everyone for the worse, preventing progress from taking place.

We Must Give It a Try

Of course, if everyone believes that their actions don’t matter and because of this debilitating mindset does nothing, nothing good will come of it. What these people are forgetting though is that there is no such thing as a lack of action. Thanks to the large portion of the population who aren’t trying to change anything, we are actively regressing into a garbage state of negative consequence. Using fossil fuels like it doesn’t matter and drilling until there’s no more oil left in the ground instead of actively seeking out ulterior avenues is hurting everybody.
By investing in the cause and taking the time to install an ulterior energy source for your home and/or business like solar systems, wind turbines, battery-operated equipment, and electric cars, we can make the world a better place together. No longer can it be said, “I can’t afford that,” because it honestly saves you money. The rise in awareness has had an excellent effect on the price of many of these options. In the last seven years, prices have dropped down significantly. For example, solar panels are now 80 % cheaper and wind turbines are 40 % cheaper.

Taking Responsibility Is the First and Most Important Step

If every individual takes into account creating their own source of energy, be it solar, wind, or elsewise we can make a huge, lasting difference in the way our world exists.
Just because it’s the normal thing to not care about our energy sources and feel free to waste fossil fuels, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. We the people need to stand by progress and Earth and do our part to change things for the better and allow our natural world to grow and thrive, because by respecting it instead of abusing it we are not only furthering the safety of the earth, but also we are ensuring a life more fulfilling and long-lasting not only for the human race, but for every animal as well and plant as well.

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