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The Cancer of Ego and Its Consequent Destructive Rise Against Our Planet and Safety
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It’s a sad day when people everywhere are more concerned with the money in their pocket than the air that they’re poisoning to achieve such fiscal prowess.

Through the years, European countries like Germany and Norway have made great leaps in fortifying a healthier future for their people with the growth of eco-friendly energy sources and the rearing of civilizations brought up in the mindset of protecting the natural world instead of fighting against it. As wonderful as this bold declaration of priorities is as well as their firm stance in committing to a world comprised of progress, Karl-Heinz Paque, an economics Professor at the University of Magdeburg, isn’t convinced that it’s going to do much good in the long run unless they can figure out a way to sway Asia to take part in their green movement.

There Is No Time to Hesitate

“If we do these things in Germany, it’s not really going to have much of a global impact,” He explained, “We’re too small for that. It’s going to be decisive what happens in those countries that are now trying to catch up on economic growth – and they make up two-thirds of the global population.” As disheartening as it is to recognize the validity of Paque’s words, with the inappropriate growing use of coal as an energy source it’s uncomfortably obvious that he is 100 % right in his assertion.

In European countries, it has been gravely understood for a long while now that coal is by far one of the most sloppy and polluted energy sources that can be used. It produces extremely negative consequences for the environment which is why up until now it hasn’t been used as often, but suddenly that’s changing drastically. Countries all over the world are taking up a rebirth of coal and are supporting the detrimental effects it has on our environment when companies use this energy source.

Ways of Energy Supply Must Change

The disparaging truth is that a lot of countries including India, South Africa, China, and even still some Eastern European countries all greatly rely on the burning of cheap coal to fuel their economic growth. Until we can convince these countries that there is a better, much safer way to produce economic success the disappointing reality is that whatever Northern European countries are currently doing to suspend the negative consequences of coal and gas use by utilizing ulterior natural resources to provide reliable energy is basically being deemed completely redundant by the abrasive actions of these other countries who seem to care far more about quick and easy schemes to attain monetary riches than actually obtaining a reliable and longstanding, consistent source of energy that can be used without deteriorating the potential for a safe and healthy future.

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