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The US Health Care System: Progress and Problems
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Let’s face the facts, health care is not affordable in America. If the citizens of our country are too afraid of the cost of a hospital visit and not knowing how in the world they’ll ever be able to pay off a significant debt that will loom over them for the rest of their lives, then they won’t get checked out and it will do every citizen a disservice.
When in need of medical intervention, people should not be this afraid, because it leads to the spread of contagious disease and illness, as well as the raise of mortality rates in America. If we are to be a government meant to protect its citizens, then our focus should be affordable health care. We as Americans pride ourselves on our kindness and our glory, but there is nothing to be proud of and no means to claim gory if we actively mistreat our citizens.

Most People Cannot Afford the Costs of Health

In 2014, it was estimated that the cost of health care for every individual person, adult and child, was $9,695 which means that an average household of 2.5 people and a median income of $53,697 spent half their income on medical insurance.

This is especially devastating when you consider that half of America’s gross income is given only to the top ten percent of the population and collectively that top ten own more than three quarters of the entire countries assets. Today, we enter into the year 2017, and these issues which some have the audacity to assume are of no issue, because they’re sure to straighten themselves out are being made into fools.

A Good Health Care System Is Essential for Our Society

These issues have not gone away and every attempt to perfect this very flawed system with some form of universal health care has been knocked down repeatedly for fear that it will turn our government into a “Socialist empire,” but what few seem to see is that the label isn’t the point. Whatever name we desire to call ourselves means nothing if we put a title above the well-being of our people. The makings of a great country are the same as that of the makings of a great family. If children are hurt, they should be able to come to their parents for help. If in a country, its citizens cannot, then that is unacceptable and unsafe and makes for a house that is not a home, as well as a collection of people who are not a family. Not only has the insurance situation not improved, but the climate catastrophe has not been mitigated either. 

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