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How much time do you spend searching through the news, trying to stay informed about the meaning of the day’s events, all while trying to filter out the reporters’ bias—whether it’s the leftist slant of the New York Times or the conservative slant of Fox News Channel?

The Intellectual Activist is pleased to introduce TIA Daily.

TIA Daily will provide you with a concise news digest gathering together links to the day’s most interesting news reports on the Web, carefully selected according to TIA’s unique philosophic perspective, with brief comments on the wider meaning and future implications of each news item.

In addition to news digests, TIA Daily will offer special observations on politics and culture by Robert Tracinski and other TIA authors, extra material cut from articles in the TIA, timely reviews of new films as they premier in the theaters, special Q&A sessions that allow you to submit your questions to TIA’s authors and much more — all delivered to you by email on weekdays.

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